Pecan Pie Granola

Granola should be called the breakfast meal of champions!!  I mean, after all that’s what it is!  Yummy oats combined with power packed nuts and seeds that are toasted and ready to give you super-energy (I definitely need that right now!)  Yeah, it’s the fancier, healthier version of a help-yourself breakfast.  At my house we use it to dress up smoothies, cover oatmeal, create parfaits, or (mostly) just eat it straight from the bowl with our favorite non-dairy milk.  Hey, it’s even good as a snack – except the kids are too messy with it when it’s dry!!  😉

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Super Quick and Tasty Vegan Blueberry Crisp!

Quick and Tasty Blueberry Crisp

It’s sunny, it’s hot, it’s busy, and it’s…..blueberry season!  The farm opened yesterday for u-pickers and since this farm girl got a little pickin’ in early, I have a quick and tasty blueberry crisp recipe for you.  There is however, one problem with this recipe; you might need to double it!  My husband was like, ‘why didn’t you make more??!!!’  ‘Well, honey, you know my blog?  Not everyone reading it wants to eat a ton of blueberry crisp in one sitting!’  But, he has a point.  So if you have a big crowd (or just a very hungry little family like me!) you might want to double it!  😉

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Orange French Toast (Vegan)

Orange French Toast (Vegan with GF option)

This recipe brings back childhood memories.  We called it ‘Orange French Toast’.  And I liked it just as much today when my kiddos were eating it for their breakfast as I did when I was their age (that just seems like decades ago – oh, actually it was!).  I guess some good things never get old (wish I wasn’t! 😉 ).  The really great thing about it is what it doesn’t have: refined sugar, added oil, dairy or eggs.  What it DOES have is even better: raw cashews, a banana, medjool dates, and 100% O.j. concentrate.

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Chocolate Strawberry Vegan Scones

Mom Thoughts and Chocolate Strawberry Vegan Scones

My kids love to help me cook.  If you could see my son’s legos, just inches away from my cutting board, as he stands (crowds) beside me while I cook, you’d probably laugh.  My two year old sees him there and decides that she needs a closer look, pushing a kitchen chair over to aid her height, while all but squeezing the cook (me!) out of the way.  (Not to mention that now two children are blocking all my cabinets and drawers where there are bowls, beaters, measuring spoons, etc.)  Then my oldest daughter (7) comes in with that mischievous look and quick little fingers dipping, licking, tasting everything…  At least with vegan cooking there is very little that isn’t safe or good even in the raw state, so it’s mostly just a bitter surprise if they happen to swipe up some spots of baking powder off the counter thinking it’s sugar. 😉

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Baked Vegan Homestyle Hashbrowns

Homestyle Vegan Baked Breakfast Hashbrowns

Ya’ll, I really do consider myself a northerner.  But these hash browns.  They have something to do with my roots, I do believe. 😉  I was born in Texas.  There, I said it.  No, I don’t talk with a drawl, but sometimes, I just need somethin’ savory for breakfast!  And these homestyle vegan baked breakfast hash browns really hit the spot for me. 😉

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Quick and Fluffy Vegan Pancakes

Fluffy Vegan Buttermilk Pancakes

You want breakfast (or somebody does 😉 ) and it has got to be quick!  And healthy.  And tasty.  Yup, these pancakes more than meet those requirements!  And they have blueberries!!  You know my blog name??  😉 Yeah, you got it.  Blueberry farm girl gets to use more blueberries!  Score!

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Quickie Vegan Blueberry Almond Muffin

Quickie Blueberry Almond Muffin

We all need a in-a-hurry muffin recipe for a light supper, breakfast extra, or snack.  To be honest, this was my third batch of muffins in two days.  Yeah, I was planning them for something, but the kids and I ate them all last night.  😉  Oh, Nana was here too.  Maybe we can blame it all on her. 😉  J.k.  Anyway, these are good and quick and really pretty guilt free, so I made more today!!! 😉  Only a quarter cup of granulated sugar and the same of oil?  Let’s make them every day often!

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Pecan Chocolate Surprise Banana Bread!!

Blissful Banana Bread

The other day I had a bunch of bananas getting a little too ripe.  I happened to mention that fact to my husband and he knew just what I should do with them – banana bread!!  Of course. He’s so smart, no really he is!  I mean, over-ripe (dark/spotty) bananas make the very best banana bread.  And with some chocolate chips?  It’s pretty much perfect bliss. 🙂  And it’s a great way to make your honey very happy. 😉

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Daybreak Scrambled Tofu

Are you a beginner tofu eater?  A lot of people I meet just aren’t sure about tofu yet.  I mean, maybe in Chinese food, or something like that.  I’m a seasoned tofu LOVER.  Yeah, I use it a thousand different ways (ok not quite that many).  It’s kinda like eggs.  No, doesn’t taste like eggs but really good.  Lots of non-vegans have assured me that they really like it.  It has flavor.

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Corn-Oat Waffles

You know how heart-healthy oats are for you?  And they are substantial too!  Glorious energy without a growling tummy for a good long time! I like oatmeal, but now and then we all need a change-up.  These waffles have been my go-to recipe for a VERY long time.  Umm, I think since I got married (yes over 12 years ago!) and tasted my MIL waffles – and found out how easy they are.  You don’t need a blender, or lots of time, or almost even a recipe.  But everyone will love them and gobble them down almost faster than you can make them.  Bonus: they are not only vegan, dairy, and sugar-free, but also gluten free!!  (Is there anything left to put in them??)  Oh yeah!  And since they are so healthy you can feel a little less guilty for putting lots of yummy goodness on them!!!  Prepare to have your mind blown at the tasty simplicity here….

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