About Me

Yup, I’m a nurse by trade, turned farm girl, mom to three cuties, terribly in love with my handsome blueberry-eyed hubby, and often feel like I just can’t keep up with my busy fun-filled life…so I’m adding a blog to it. 😉  Right now, all the blueberries are covered in several feet of snow (as is everything else of course) just waiting wonderful sunshine to melt all the snow, so while they rest under their blanket, I’ll get acquainted with you!

I like to have fun in the kitchen, and I like to keep it simple.  I kind of have to; the nearest Wal-Mart is an hour away and it’s not a super Wal-mart if you know what I mean!  So in the summer I have a love affair with my garden, and in the winter I learn to think wayyyy ahead.  Which doesn’t leave a lot of room for fancy cookin’.  Just tasty, super tasty….  And thankfully, I have a couple of freezers, and a root cellar which help a LOT!  🙂

To me, vegan cooking does not have to ‘taste vegan’.  Carnivores (I’m not really referring to occasional white meat eaters here, more the GI Joe mountain men that I host in my kitchen now and then;-) should be able to eat from a vegan dish and not walk away trying to peel whatever it is that surprised them off of their tongue!  They should be coming back for more, ask for the recipe, and then find out that what they ate is actually healthy for them!!  Wohoo!  Step one in conversion to veganism.  🙂  But I should really confess here that while I LOVE vegan food, and generally think that is the best way to live, I do splurge a little sometimes.  (Please don’t judge but I haven’t completely sworn off dairy!!!)  Anyway, for the purposes of this blog, it’s all vegan, so no sweat.  Moving in the right direction here….  😉

Health is wealth, and really the ‘vegan diet’ should be a ‘vegan lifestyle’.  We need to eat well, drink well (water I mean!) and get fresh air and exercise whenever we can!  I try to get out almost everyday of the year and trot my kids and doggy the 1/2 mile or so down the hill to the mail-box.  They don’t always love it, but it always improves all of our moods, rain or shine.  Studies have also proved that loving/caring relationships have a direct affect on your health as well!  So eat well, live well, and remember to love lots!

Blessings friends!