Hickory Smoked Quinoa Burger a power packed and tasty vegan burger! https://www.veganblueberry.com

Hickory Quinoa Burger

Smoky, savory, texture-rich, power-packed – these hickory quinoa burgers have a lot to offer.  If you could have been a fly on my wall the last few days, you would have seen a great variety of people both small and great scarfing these patty wonders down in a bunch of different ways; on the bun, off the bun, dipped in ketchup, swathed in gravy, etc.  So far, everyone who has tried them has loved them, and that does include my two-year-old!! 😉  (Yeay for this mama!)

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Bacon-style Vegan Baked Potato Wedges https://www.veganblueberry.com

Bacon (Vegan) Baked Potato Wedges

If you’ve been following my blog posts, you’ll notice that this recipe is similar to my last post about breakfast hash browns.  Besides having to admit that I do LOVE potatoes in most forms, and that I do eat potatoes at least once several times a week, I must tell you that these are really a side-dish for my next post.  Ever heard of a burger and fries?  😉  Don’t hold your breath, but do get ready…to… cook!!

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Baked Vegan Homestyle Hashbrowns https://www.veganblueberry.com

Homestyle Vegan Baked Breakfast Hashbrowns

Ya’ll, I really do consider myself a northerner.  But these hash browns.  They have something to do with my roots, I do believe. 😉  I was born in Texas.  There, I said it.  No, I don’t talk with a drawl, but sometimes, I just need somethin’ savory for breakfast!  And these homestyle vegan baked breakfast hash browns really hit the spot for me. 😉

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Vegan Tofu Feta with Tomato, Spinach, and White Bean Pasta https://www.veganblueberry.com

Vegan Feta with Spinach, Tomato and White Bean Pasta

That’s a long name for a dish.  Vegan Feta with Spinach, Tomato, and White Bean Pasta.  Way too long!  But I had to try to describe it to you!!  Really, at our house, it was always just called, ‘The Feta Meal”.  Because it’s really all about the feta.  Not that the rest isn’t good – it’s great!  But the feta is the ‘piece de’ resistance’ – the finishing touch.  (I at least looked up the spelling for that, but the accents and my keyboard are not cooperating.  Oh well, you get the idea!)

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The Vegan Baked Tofu Tacos of your dreams! With black beans and cabbage slaw. https://www.veganblueberry.com

Vegan Baked Tofu and Black Bean Street Tacos

It all started when I saw them…  Those mini street-taco tortillas.  I mean, isn’t the grocery store a great place to fall in love?  And day-dream? 😉  Fellow shoppers were probably eyeing me strangely as I contemplated what these were going to be.  Little palm sized bombs of flavor – like you would buy at the beach in Belize!  Somehow I finished shopping and got home and then the real magic happened.  And now vegan baked tofu street tacos can be part of your dreams too!  Ohhh, yes!

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Addictive Garlic Green Beans https://www.veganblueberry.com

Garlicky Green Beans n’ Baby Chicks

This post is really about Garlicky Green Beans but first…

I promised.  And I really try to keep my promises!  So here are a few pics of my kids n’ chicks!  Before getting the chicks I begged my husband to please tell me if chicks are a lot of work (he had chickens as a child).  I mean, years ago when I told him I wanted to have a baby, he warned me how much work they are tried to share about the responsibilities parenting involves – he’d had several much younger siblings while I’m the youngest in my family.  But I didn’t want to listen and thought I was ready for anything!  So you can see we had (wonderful) kids, and you can guess what I’ve learned (and how much I love it 🙂 ).  But now I wasn’t sure… would chicks be a lot of trouble?

Husband said no, they’re easy.  Well he was right again – at least so far. 😉  So much fun and so so cute.

[easy-image-collage id=1167]

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Fresh Bruschetta https://www.veganblueberry.com

5 Minute Fresh Bruschetta

Sometimes you just need food inspiration, right?  I know I do!  Those flavorful tomatoes you’ve been eyeing in the store?   Here’s just what you need to make with them!  😉  In five minutes you can have your delicious tomato-basil-garlic fix perfect for a light lunch, appetizer, party food, etc.!!

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Quick and Fluffy Vegan Pancakes https://www.veganblueberry.com

Fluffy Vegan Buttermilk Pancakes

You want breakfast (or somebody does 😉 ) and it has got to be quick!  And healthy.  And tasty.  Yup, these pancakes more than meet those requirements!  And they have blueberries!!  You know my blog name??  😉 Yeah, you got it.  Blueberry farm girl gets to use more blueberries!  Score!

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Easy Cheesy Baked Vegan Cauliflower https://www.veganblueberry.com

Easy Cheesy Baked Vegan Cauliflower

This Cauliflower is a favorite staple at our house.  The kids just gobble this.  And it’s SO easy.  I mean embarrassingly easy.  😉  Your guests are sure to ask how you made it.  You can just keep them in suspense, ok?  Smile and nod….   Continue Reading “Easy Cheesy Baked Vegan Cauliflower”

Super Tasty Baked Tofu BLT Sandwich! https://www.veganblueberry.com

Vegan BLT Tofu Sandwich

Other than the fact that I can’t seem to spell ‘barbecue’ properly (thankful for autocorrect spelling 😉 ) I simply cannot imagine a more sumptuous barbecue tofu sandwich!  I mean tofu really transforms itself well!!  Slice it, coat it, bake it, and it has that perfect chewy texture that is so perfect in a BLT!

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