Quick and Fluffy Vegan Pancakes http://www.veganblueberry.com

Fluffy Vegan Buttermilk Pancakes

You want breakfast (or somebody does 😉 ) and it has got to be quick!  And healthy.  And tasty.  Yup, these pancakes more than meet those requirements!  And they have blueberries!!  You know my blog name??  😉 Yeah, you got it.  Blueberry farm girl gets to use more blueberries!  Score!

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Easy Cheesy Baked Vegan Cauliflower http://www.veganblueberry.com

Easy Cheesy Baked Vegan Cauliflower

This Cauliflower is a favorite staple at our house.  The kids just gobble this.  And it’s SO easy.  I mean embarrassingly easy.  😉  Your guests are sure to ask how you made it.  You can just keep them in suspense, ok?  Smile and nod….   Continue Reading “Easy Cheesy Baked Vegan Cauliflower”

Super Tasty Baked Tofu BLT Sandwich! http://www.veganblueberry.com

Vegan BLT Tofu Sandwich

Other than the fact that I can’t seem to spell ‘barbecue’ properly (thankful for autocorrect spelling 😉 ) I simply cannot imagine a more sumptuous barbecue tofu sandwich!  I mean tofu really transforms itself well!!  Slice it, coat it, bake it, and it has that perfect chewy texture that is so perfect in a BLT!

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20 minutes or less Creamy Vegan Corn Chowder http://www.veganblueberry.com

20 min Favorite Vegan Corn Chowder

It’s spring.  (Someplace!)  Here it is really spring still rainy, cold, dreary.  Wait, am I depressing you?  It’s not that bad – only sometimes.  😉  Really, I just needed a bowl of this tasty soup to warm up my insides and make me a real believer that winter is over.  🙂  Thankfully, although my family may not always understand my need for sunshine, they certainly share a love of this soup!  So gather your goods and get choppin’ friends!  In 20 min you’ll be savoring our favorite Vegan Corn Chowder…

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Scrumptious and easy Vegan Carrot Cake http://www.veganblueberry.com

Very Best Vegan Carrot Cake

I think I’m just a bit of a cake snob.  I really don’t like cake if it’s too sweet, too wet, too dry, too crumbly.  You know what I’m talking about?  All the too‘s.  But this carrot cake is none of that.  It’s just right.  Really.  There are several secrets to this and I’m going to tell you all about them…. 😉

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Quickie Vegan Blueberry Almond Muffin

Quickie Blueberry Almond Muffin

We all need a in-a-hurry muffin recipe for a light supper, breakfast extra, or snack.  To be honest, this was my third batch of muffins in two days.  Yeah, I was planning them for something, but the kids and I ate them all last night.  😉  Oh, Nana was here too.  Maybe we can blame it all on her. 😉  J.k.  Anyway, these are good and quick and really pretty guilt free, so I made more today!!! 😉  Only a quarter cup of granulated sugar and the same of oil?  Let’s make them every day often!

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Perfect Vegan Pesto

Perfect Vegan Pesto

I feel like I’ve just had a major break-through.  I’ve made vegan pesto for years.  It’s been OK.  There would be this lovely basil plant, I would crave pesto, try some some vegan recipes and then decide to leave pesto alone for a while…  After repeating this cycle a few times, I kinda gave up on vegan pesto.  Until today….  I had extra basil in the fridge.  Couldn’t let it waste!  This time I decided to make the pesto with cashews instead of all the pine nuts and walnuts I’ve tried before.  Somehow all the other ingredients blended perfectly.  I don’t know if it is just me, but the kids and I devoured this stuff.  They crowed over it – and they HATE pesto.  I think this is a total win.  You just have to try it!!  Tell me what you think!!!

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Quick an Creamy Cauliflower Lentils http://www.veganblueberry.com

Quick and Creamy Curried Lentil Stew

This is my ideal week-day lunch.  Lentils are so, so, SO good for us.  Each little legume is a powerhouse of protein, folate, zinc, and iron!  I feel so satisfied and energetic after eating them.  Plus, this just tastes good.  I mean, who doesn’t like creamy, satisfying, guilt-free food???  Oh, and yeah, this is like almost vegan fast food.  Super-duper easy.  You’ll love whipping this out in a few minutes and feeling kinda fancy at the same time.

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Pecan Chocolate Surprise Banana Bread!! http://www.veganblueberry.com

Blissful Banana Bread

The other day I had a bunch of bananas getting a little too ripe.  I happened to mention that fact to my husband and he knew just what I should do with them – banana bread!!  Of course. He’s so smart, no really he is!  I mean, over-ripe (dark/spotty) bananas make the very best banana bread.  And with some chocolate chips?  It’s pretty much perfect bliss. 🙂  And it’s a great way to make your honey very happy. 😉

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Ohh so Tasty Vegan Mexican Rice Like you've never had it before! http://www.veganblueberry.com

Savory Vegan Mexican Rice

Savory doesn’t even begin to describe this dish….  Flavor-full, ultimately satisfying, totally addictive – now we are beginning to get there.  Yeah, I have a confession to make here: I have never loved Mexican rice.  I LOVE Mexican food, but the rice, meh…  I guess I just never got into it.  Then my friend Alyce (thank you, thank you!) brought this dish over, and it was…..LOVE.  Even my husband who doesn’t really care for rice at all asks for this on a weekly basis!! (Read, small miracle. :-))

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