Morsels of Farm Life

Welcome to Blueberryville!!  Not the official name of where I live, but close enough!!

So why the ‘Vegan Blueberry’ you might ask?  Is this site going to be about all things blueberry?  Not exactly. 🙂  More like, ‘all things vegan’, with a few morsels of life thrown in.  Basically, I live on a blueberry farm (think gorgeous with lake and mountains surrounding) and so my life revolves a lot around those pretty round berries that are so sweet, pure, and perfect right-off-the-bush!

And that’s kind of how I feel the vegan diet should be; just like our perfect, off-the-bush berries.  Super tasty, simple and pure!  That’s the kind of food that my honey, my three littles, and whoever else happens to be around seem to enjoy the most!  Can’t wait to share some of my favorite recipes with you!