Perfect Vegan Pesto

Perfect Vegan Pesto

I feel like I’ve just had a major break-through.  I’ve made vegan pesto for years.  It’s been OK.  There would be this lovely basil plant, I would crave pesto, try some some vegan recipes and then decide to leave pesto alone for a while…  After repeating this cycle a few times, I kinda gave up on vegan pesto.  Until today….  I had extra basil in the fridge.  Couldn’t let it waste!  This time I decided to make the pesto with cashews instead of all the pine nuts and walnuts I’ve tried before.  Somehow all the other ingredients blended perfectly.  I don’t know if it is just me, but the kids and I devoured this stuff.  They crowed over it – and they HATE pesto.  I think this is a total win.  You just have to try it!!  Tell me what you think!!!

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Mom’s Best Salsa

So I was’t exactly planning on sharing this recipe today…and then my two year old knocked my mason jar full of leftover salsa off the counter while I was preparing lunch.  Yup, life happens here.  Thankfully the jar itself didn’t break (a tribute to the wonder of Mason jars) but the plastic cap I had on it did, and salsa went everywhere.  But we were having Mexi for lunch so what was there left to do but make more salsa and take a few pics while the kids clamored for me to hurry up and finish so we could eat???!!!!  (I promise no blogger ever took pictures under greater duress!  And I really didn’t take that long, or did I?)

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