Real Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

Real Vegan Cheese. Super easy and SO tasty!

In the vegan diet there is one thing that I miss more than any other single thing.  It’s cheese.  Real cheese. I’ve been vegan/vegetarian for over 30 years (crazy, right?!) and though I have few other cravings, cheese is my worst enemy.  In fact, truth be told, sometimes the enemy wins and I eat pizza, and then I hurrttt…  I’m not lactose intolerant; my body just doesn’t like cheese.  This summer I finally found a vegan cheese that I am totally in LOVE with!  I really can’t stress this enough.  I feel like waving my arms and shouting from the rooftops!  This cheese is totally life-changing – and all it takes is about 10 minutes of kitchen prep/cook time!

Just FYI, this cheese does grate, slice, melt…  It’s pretty flexible.  I mean, that’s probably expected from such a wonder cheese. 😉 Because I try not to assume that everyone always loves the same things that I do, I tested this cheese out on a bunch of people this summer.  Vegans, vegetarians, and non-vegetarians.  So far, I haven’t met anyone who didn’t like it and most told me that it was the best vegan cheese they’d ever tasted.

Amazing Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

I can’t take the credit for coming up with this.  I’m just here to try and get you to take the leap and make this because I truly think it will surpass your expectations.  If you live near me, ask me for samples.  😉  The inspiration for this recipe comes from The Non-dairy Evolution by Skye Michael Conroy.  He’s amazing and here is an Amazon link for the book if your are interested.  (I have to admit that I like my tweaks and method just a bit better, so I’ve shared those in the recipe at the bottom of this post.)  LOTS of other good stuff in the book, too.

(UPDATE: To protect the amazing secrets found in this book, I’m updating this post to only include my tweaks to the original recipe and my method.  I’ll also be posting a new video of the method but no amounts.  Sorry, y’all will have to buy the book!  But not very sorry because I know YOU won’t be!  Truly amazing cheese secrets found in there!)

Ok.  Let’s get down to the cheese business.  This is a very basic cheese meant to taste like Mozzarella.  I think it tastes a lot like string cheese actually.  There are lots of fun things you can add in for flavor like sautéed spicy peppers or onion, or chives, herbs, garlic, etc….  I’ve tried a number of variations but I encourage you to try it plain first.  Then you can adjust things according to your preferred flavors.  In another post I can also share how to make it into ovalinis or mozz balls that you can slice onto your pizza.  So much fun!!

Amazing Vegan Mozzarella


The one down-side to this cheese is that it takes a few unusual ingredients that not everyone has on hand.  I usually try to stay away from posting recipes with ingredients that aren’t normally in your cupboard, but this one is just worth the effort.  PLEASE don’t try this unless you have the exact ingredients listed.  It just won’t turn out the same.  Here are some ingredients that you might not have on hand or are just super important:

REFINED coconut oil.  Please don’t miss the word refined.  I missed that when I first tried to make something like this a year ago, and I used Virgin coconut Oil.  BIG mistake.  Anything virgin tastes stronger. Think Extra Virgin Olive oil; it tastes stronger than just regular olive oil, right?  Refined coconut oil doesn’t taste like coconut but it still congeals at cooler temps and just has that wonderful richness.  This might sound hard to find, but I live in a remote area, and several local stores sell it.  I’ve also bought it at TJMaxx, of all places, and I’ll link a source on Amazon.

Next important ingredient is Tapioca Flour.  There may be equitable subs but again this is unbelievably perfect so you just gotta try it.  Local health food sections of your grocery store may carry this.  I usually buy it online.  Another Amazon link here (This link is a for a four pack, so very reasonably priced):

Now for the most unusual vital ingredient.  Kappa Carrageenan.  This ingredient is what makes the cheese able to go from liquid to solid and back to melted state.  It’s a wonder ingredient and not widely sold.  I cannot vouch for all producers of this product (which aren’t many) but Modernist Pantry is recommended by Skye Michael Conroy and is the product I use.  Check out this Amazon link to find it or buy directly from Modernist Pantry.

Finally, it is important to use plain unsweetened soy milk with no added ingredients.  Just soybeans and water.  I use WestSoy but I’m told there are other brands with no additives also.  You can also make this cheese with homemade almond milk (I can’t find any store-bought almond milks that don’t have additives).

Whew, getting your ingredients together is SO much harder than actually making this, I promise.  My final tip before sharing the method would be to make sure to use a fresh squeezed lemon.  There, that was simple – and no link needed!!  Let’s begin to make cheese, my friends!

And here is a little youtube video to make it all visual!!!


Real Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

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  • VG
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Prep Time:15 mins
  • Cook Time:5 mins

Nutrition per portion

  • Tapioca flour as in recipe +1 Tbsp.
  • Add an extra 1/4 tsp salt

Select a heat-safe preferably glass dish that can hold approx 3C and set aside.  (This is your cheese mold.)

Squeeze lemon and measure into small dish or cup and set aside near your stove.

Melt Refined coconut oil and pour into small/medium heavy bottomed saucepan.  (You can melt it by placing a small amount or whole jar into the microwave for a few seconds.  Or you can rest the jar in warm water.  Either way, measure after it’s melted.)

Add soy milk to the pot, followed by salt and carrageenan.  Finally add the tapioca flour and whisk briskly until everything is mixed well. (Do NOT add the lemon yet!!) 😉

Now turn your stovetop onto medium heat.  Or medium/high.  Just don’t leave your cheese!  Whisk continuously to keep oil and milk blended until mixture becomes almost too thick to whisk.  Switch immediately to a heat-safe spatula and use the spatula to scrape the sides of the pan and keep the cheese from burning on the bottom.  At it’s thickest state it will be very stretchy and fairly hard to keep moving.  You want to see the thickened mixture popping great big bubbles.  Then you know it’s done.  (I have a gas stovetop and the whole cooking process usually takes me under 5 minutes.  If your stove heats slower that is fine, too, you just want to make sure to cook a couple minutes at completely thickened state.)

Remove from heat and immediately add lemon juice.  Use the spatula to quickly mix the juice in well.  Don’t be too gentle here.  The change might be a little shocking but you can’t hurt anything.

Immediately transfer your cheese to your chosen dish/mold as it will start to solidify quickly as it cools.

Place in refrigerator to chill.  No need to cover yet.

After 2-3 hours or when fully chilled, remove cheese block from dish/mold and wrap in paper towels and then tightly plastic wrap.  The flavor gets better over a day or two but it’s great as soon as it’s hardened, too.  Yeay!  You are officially a cheese-maker!













I’m so excited you are here, sharing with me the love of yummy vegan food! I’d love to hear your thoughts and see pics of the recipes that you make!


  1. Patricia

    Ummm at the end I realized tha I won’t be able to make it, or should say my caregicer won’t. 😞😂😂😂 can I buy some from you pls pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. Rebecca

      I wish I was set up for that but I can’t mail it. 🙁 I have a couple favorite brands of vegan cheese you can buy from the store tho! Check out Ciao cheese by Field Roast and some of the cheeses sold by Miyoko. Follow your heart cheese is a nice one too!

  2. Lily

    Can I use apple cider vinegar instead of lemon juice?

    1. Rebecca

      Using vinegar would probably work, but it would change the flavor a great deal. If you don’t want to use lemon 3/4 tsp lactic acid powder also works. Personally lemon is my fave tho! Happy cheese making!!

      1. Lily

        I have lactic acid. When and how should I add the lactic acid?

        1. Rebecca

          Great! Add approx 3/4 tsp at the same time and in the same way that lemon juice is used in the recipe. It is your acid so you don’t add it until the very last and then quickly mix it in just prior to transferring the cheese to it’s mold! Enjoy!

          1. Lily

            My lactic acid is powder form. Do I need to mix it with water first?

          2. Rebecca

            No need to mix with water. I’ve used it just like that no problem. Just sprinkle it over the cheese, mix in quickly and well and then transfer to the mold!

          3. Lily

            Wow! Awesome! Thanks so much

  3. Rebecca

    You are so welcome! Let me know how it works for you!!

  4. Phoebe

    Yay! Just made it all the way over here in the Philippines! I know my husband loves it more than any other vegan cheese so I got the special ingredients and brought them in my suitcase! Will probably need to get more next visit to the states. 🙂 thanks Becca!

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